Amazing Facts Presents

1. The Richest Caveman

“Happiness does not come from fame or fortune.” Be thrilled and inspired by the personal testimony of Pr Doug Batchelor, a leading evangelist of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


2. Drowning the Old Man – Baptism

Baptism is said to be the public expression of the internal change in our life. Christ himself was baptized as an example for us. Is baptism still necessary for Christians and does it matter how you’re baptized


3. Inside the Lost Ark – The Law

The greatest treasure inside the ark was God’s word, which we have today in the Bible. We are not saved by the law, but it is through knowing the law that we know what sin is. The law doesn’t change but by the grace of God we can change. The greatest demonstration that Christ is real, is the evidence in changed lives. Laws do not restrict our freedom, they protect our freedom. It is by this law that we are ultimately judged.


4. If God Exists, Why is There Suffering?

IF GOD EXISTS, WHY IS THERE SUFFERING? We invite you to listen to this insightful presentation about the origin of evil and why God allows suffering to occur. Did God make a mistake when He created Lucifer? Why do the innocent suffer?


5. Salvation

There are many different ideas about how a person is to be saved? What does the Bible teach on this topic? This broadcast looks at the essentials of salvation in Scripture. Can you have the assurance of being saved?


6. Are the Dead Really Dead?

Death just might be one of the most misunderstood subjects today. To many it is enshrouded in mystery and evokes dreaded feelings of fear, uncertainty, and even hopelessness. Others believe that their deceased loved ones are not dead at all, but instead live with them or in other realms! Still others are confused about the relationship between the body, spirit, and soul. But does it really matter what you believe? This episode answers the question of what actually happens when a person dies?


7. Adultery, Loyalty & Love

As you’ve probably heard, nearly half of all marriages now end in divorce, leaving bitter spouses and confused children in their wake. Don’t let this happen to you! Whether your marriage is going through tough times or is experiencing marital bliss, or even if you’re not yet married but considering it, here’s some free but proven advice to help your marriage last. It’s straight from God, the one who created and ordained marriage! If you’ve tried everything else, why not give God a chance?


8. Hearing God – Steps to Christ

To hear the voice of God we must be emptied of ourselves and fully surrendered to doing His will.